'07 Rear Suspension Grease

I've been prepping my new '07 WR450F. I changed out the rear spring after checking my race sag and thought that I would grease the suspension bearings and the swingarm bearings out of concern that Yamaha was not sufficiently greasing these points from the factory and in fact was using something other than the recommended Moly grease for the swingarm and suspension component bearings. I found that the bearings were greased with Moly grease and not the MPL that others has expressed concern about. I added grease to these bearings and was thankful that I didn't have to remove the bearings, clean them and re-grease with the Moly grease. I just thought that others would like to know this.:confused:

yeah, thats a common problem. I try to regrease every 6 months or so.

Helps if you ride in wet areas to use water proof grease.

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