WR400 Reliability?


I have been out of riding for over 6 months due to injury and I’m now keen to get back into it. I’m interested in buying a new WR400 and was after some info. I do not ride competitively, just recreational riding with mates.

I have previously owned a KTM520EXC and found it to be a bit too powerful, or harsh in it’s delivery of power to suit the conditions I ride in.

If anyone has ridden both WR400 and KTM520EXC, can you tell me how they compare in terms of power delivery?

The other thing I’m curious about is maintenance. The KTM required a lot of maintenance, constantly tightening bolts, constantly having to check and set valve clearances, etc… How does the WR400 compare in terms of maintenance?

I don’t have a car at the moment and at times might need to use my bike to commute to and from work, etc…

With the KTM I was warned that they will not tolerate on road riding. Eg: around town riding in traffic. Is this the same for the WR400? If so is there anything I can do to make on road riding easier on the bike, eg: installing a “cush drive” rear hub? Does the WR400 have any weaknesses or things to watch out for?

Any information you could offer would be greatly appreciated

Thanks :)

The WR400 is no longer in production, You will have to go with the WR426. Roadability is well tollerated with the WR426 numerous folks have successfully dual sported it. Use the Search feature and search for: Dual Sport

Bonzai :)


I think I read the 400 and the 426 are both available in Oz. If I remember right, and I remember less every day, it's because they have a rule that the 250 class can run 4 strokes up to 400cc, instead of our rule that you can double the cc's on a four stroke. Anyway, someone from down there can clear this up.


:) Not sure about Oz, but BOTH 400 and 426 (and450?) are available in Europe, something to do with race classes and capacity limits :D

The wr has a much smoother power delivery and like the ktm it does need a lot of servicing. It needs a lot of oil changes and i find that i have to tighten the gear lever alot. I have a 2001 wr400 with twin headlamps, fmf pipe and yzf rear mud guard and i do trail riding a d i don't that much difference in pace bettween the two bikes.

Thanks for your help so far guys :)

Here in Oz we do still have the 426 and 400.

Any more info people might have would be appreciated.

Cheers :D

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