TT Burnout?


Do you guys ever get TT burnout or is it just me?

What I mean is some days I get on here and I run though about 20 posts and nothing seems appealing to reply to and I might even go 3 days without even logging on. Then other days (like today) I get on and I keep posting until my fingers are about to fall off.

Anyone know what I mean?

I can go a week of just reading,then post,like today 5 or 6 times.It just makes me chomp at the bit.Just let me RIDE

Or at least polish my bike LOL :):D :D

I'm unemployed at the moment, i cant seem to get of here,hhhhheeeelllllppppp :)

I know exactly what you mean. I just took about a 3 month TT hiatus. Now that I have come back it just doesn't seem the same. The content of the posts is very diluted now. I guess its just like anything else. As something new gets "discovered" its original appeal is bound to degrade.

I know exactly what your saying, BFlee I admire your coming back.

I am reading more don't feel like posting, personal issues around the home more but simply put I get tired of the same rhetoric from the same people. WOW did I just open pandora's box :)

We have on line:

YIP Meister the village idiot


a amateur National 125 Champ who cant keep a chain on


Mr I do it all so well and I look good


The dictator


the antagonist because he made me do it


i don't like what you say so im telling the mod


an ego :D

We are a motley crew arnt we....


Since you came back I think you've got the same funk Darin has.

I just did the math. You were on a pace to hit addict membership in 10 months. At the rate you posted recently it'll take almost 22 months. Thats okay though, I've dropped mine from almost 23 years to a little over 20.

I hope you guys can shake it, I always look forward to the posts.

I hear yah.

What can we do about it?

Lets start using N.O.S they'll be having melt downs everywhere. :)

Sounds to me like we need to get another TT ride goin!!!! That should bust us out of our funk. I know the West Coast guys are itchin to ride in the new moist conditions! I know I am :)


I have only been on TT for a few months now, but recently I feel that the forum has become staler. I think that part of this is due to the fact that the 450 aren’t out yet, and some TT newbies are too lazy or don't know about the search engine. Just before I posted the top two posts were both about what front tire is best. I know that there is more than enough info about front tires in the database. It also might be due to the fact that I have just learned quite a bit on this site already, so there isn't so much new and exciting info. I mostly just read posts now and reply when I really feel the need. I still like TT I am just waiting for things to spice back up when the 450 come out. :)

It always slows down for the winter.

More online fights occur in the winter months because many people are not riding and need to.

Newbies will commonly ask the old questions ...why? Because they come here for both the information and the comradship. Striking up a conversation about your bike is usually better than working...

Stick with it - TT is worth it.

As an ignorant new person on this computer thing, I too have pondered what is wrong here in yama land. Last nite I tossed and turned until I nearly kicked my yz out of bed (petcock's off, of course). Could it be that the best and brightest have all bought CRF's and have taken the subject of engine valves to a whole new level - one we may never attain? :)

I just don't know.


we ned to hook up in the hills, I am a Hollister captive also.

There are about 4 of us who try and ride together

Sure- Let me know when you guys go up. I'm kinda scared of riding on the weekends though, I've been in 3 or 4 head-ons - one was pure luck that I'm alive today - no kidding - a flat-out fifth gear clip - he went down, I didn't. Some dumb ass kid going the wrong way - on purpose! I love tight technical stuff but will ride anything.

Most of us pick a week day and meet up it can be Mon, or fri or anythiong in between

Thanks Ego. It isn't that I missed it so much, I have just been a little slow at work and wanted to see what people were saying about the new bikes.

I do agree that we need another NorCal TT ride. I was not able to make the first one.

may 2003

its being planned next month ya thats it.

No dead seriuos the date is the weekend after moms day in May

I hear Clear Creek calling us Bay Area rid :shocked:ers. It should be awesome now!!

Milkman, I couldn't agree more! It seem's it is almost a constant flame session. Not much posative or productive. Classic example, I asked a question re: flywheel's.. A year ago, hell even 6 months ago responses would have been overwhelming with fellow TT'ers experiances and helpfull advice.. The brotherhood is gone.. I too ask... What happened??SoCal

Im a Newbie, new to the 4 strokes. Have done all the free mods thanks to this great web site and all of your knowledge. But what next. I enjoyed the pissin match last week with YAMAKAZE and the Canadian. YAMAKAZE has been gone since, hope he is just out of town. He gave me some jetting advise that was great and I think the guy is a genious. YAMAKAZE I love you.

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