TT Burnout?

It seems to me the posts pick up every few weeks now :D Also I think the answers are shorter with fewer debates because of the prior debates???? The what is best has been shortened to just a few answers instead of What if we tried this? Just my .02 Can't wait for the new 450 to light up the forum again. It was a shot in the arm for the YZ side I think. It will get better again. :)

Honestly this is what I think.

People are getting tired of the flames and the few people who are talking smack, and simply dogging other posters. There are a few who are on here for only one line attacks then they leave, Slave being one of them do a search on his name. Nothing informative is in any post, just one line shots. We have a lot of newbies asking the same questions and thats the burn out, no one responds and no one debates because there is hundreds if not thousands of threads on Oil, Air Filters, Tires and what condom is best for cold conditions.

Plus and personally I think

The forum changed after the passing of Motoman393 Garrett Berg. I think, including myself that Garrett's passing really hit the forum hard and those that new him on line as well as on a semi personal basis.

Thats what I think

I suffer from burnout also. Somtimes I find myself on this site more than I work on my bike or ride. (Thats pretty sad) But I've got three days this weekend, think I'll play with my jetting and do some maintinance! Maybe I can buy some new stuff, that usually helps!

All of the above, plus Taffy's gone, at least for now.

He was a huge help in the jetting discussions as well as other topics, but since we're all just discussing what color to spray paint the dog and what kind of beer we drink, he's off to greener pastures.


You've got the point there but as soon as you mention something different no one wants to know or they havent had that experience?? for example my post on mufflers, surely somebody has thought about this??

Hello folks long time no's ages since I've been here, mainly due to the reasons you are stating, I hardly recognise ANY names now, infact SoCal is the first one I did, (How are you doing :))

I've seen a few forums go this way (stale) didn't think it would happen to TT but if we persevere it might pick up!

Good to see you lot again, catch ya later ! :D

Hey Guy,

How are you? How is your son going on the PW80... roosting your butt yet? :):D My son has already put in his xmas wish list - the KTM 65, the quad bike, the jetski... Sheesh, you encourage them into this sort of sport and you put yourself in the poor house... LOL He has already outgrown his MX boots that were new last xmas...


I suppose the MOmilkman is suffering from some inguinal and adductor burnout right about now. You see....there was this hill at Chadwick......

...the bike was gettin' all it wanted and the climb was going well until the bike kicked on some roots, stuttered, started lifting the front wheel and slowly heeled to the left. This is where the (groin and inner leg muscle) problem occurs. All looked well as the bike heeled left because Darren's kinda tall; the problem began to show itself when he attempted to get off on the downhill side and thought that he would be able to jump down and beat the bike downhill.

Well, as I said it appeared that he "thought" that he could beat the bike down the hill. I thought that he would too, except for one small hangup......his right leg was hung up for a second or two on the seat, thus suspending his right leg in the air. They say the Rockettes have to be tall and while Darren was doing his best Hannah-bike hillside impression....the pain after his debut sent him packing to the truck..slowly.

The getoff was spectacular and I just hope that I have the presence of mind to have the camera ready for the next time he makes a run at it...

....but the rev limiter and the rear tire might have second thoughts!



Advil for this

Percocet for that

Anybody caught bi-pedal in five

Is gonna wear his a$$ for a hat! :)

I don't know, seem's content is just rolling over and over and over and over and over and over.............

How about some posts on what kind of oil to use, or which pipe is "THE BEST!!", or what front tire do you run, or how do you change your oil, or what jetting are you running, or who's picked up and spun an unreleased bike over their head, or how much does an unreleased bike weight, or how to do a BK mod, or..........................

Sorry, guess for me that's why...............


Dodger :):D

It's simple. "Too much of a good thing is a bad thing."

That's what we have here. Dirtbikes are the "shiznit" and everyone just talked themselves out of stuff to talk about for a bit.

I'd suggest to keep things fresher, everyone of us needs to keep things in moderation and keep a balanced life. Do a little riding, do a little forum stuff, do a little family thing, Oh and if you have a job, do a little work too. We won't mention names right "EGO". :)

You guys know what I mean, Keep all things in moderation.

:)David, all is well thanks, glad to hear everything is OK with you.....Ant is not quite "roostin" me ..YET!, but all I hear at the mo is TTr125...... :)

As you say...we only have ourselves to blame ! :D

Surfin' over ...

I noticed a change in the Cannondale board. In the beginning, there were lots of posts on how to dial in the bike. Now most all of the problems are solved so it's more rambling type discussions interspersed with the newbie questions.

I've noticed all ongoing discussions, in person and in print (electronic and other), have their ebb and flow. I've taken breaks, lurked, and been chatty (for me anyway). What it boils down to is taking what you need and giving what you can.


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