front tires

I ride mostly trails and fire roads in north cal. and see from a search that most people run the dunlop 756 or the michelin s12 or m12. Does any one run the dunlop 490 or maxxis IT. Any opinions on any of these tires or other tires.

Im also in chico, I have a D739 but hate it. Theres a thread that I started from a couple days ago that discusses alot of front tire stuff. You right up by rag dump or what?

where's rag dump?

I heard a rumor that the owner of the rag dump property is going to put up a fence. I have not been up there since July. What is the current status?

BTW: S12 front

Y its all blocked off. hes got sign on the entrance saying no admittance, and the trails leading in to rag dump are blocked off. I still ride up there all the time though. You just cant park in rag dump. We just park up the road a little. With this rain its gonna be nice this weekend.

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