After 1,700 miles there is a deep vibration in the motor

I always run 92 octane, Chevron, Texaco or Shell. Ran some BP gas in it one time and patoooey it ran like crap...

was at a Chevron that only had 87 octane and it ran ok! weird....

BTW: Gas up here is 3.67 a gallon...

With only 8.6 to one compression, the 650L should run just fine on 87 octane.

$3.67, wow. I don't feel quite so bad. I thought that SoCal was the home of the highest gas prices, but I only paid $3.59 yesterday.

I ended up draining the gas down to the reserve, (So I'd have enough to get to the station). With 3 gallons of fresh gas the bike runs like it should again, although with the 55 jet it is a little slow to idle down. :bonk:

When I pulled the fuel bowl off yesterday there was an orange residue on the upper body where the jets are installed. This was not there a few weeks ago when I installed the Dynojet kit. My wife also pointed out something interesting...She got a tank of bad gas in our Jeep from the same station two months ago (Thanks for the heads-up). Mental note...Do not get gas at the Conoco at Reno and Portland in OKC. :confused:

I rode the BRP for about 60 miles with the fresh gas with 20 mph winds and had no signs like I had the previous evening. I can't really explain the "rich" condition that I was getting the morning after, when I first began to look at the problem, although it may have drawn in some oil from the crank case vent on the ride home the night before, causing the plug to be less than ideal. It did not seem overly rich, as in flooding and black smoke in the exhaust, but it did have a rich smell.

The gas that came out smelled as if it had been mixed with diesel. The fresh 87 octane that I added today really seems to have fixed this "problem". I am going to install a push in breather up on the frame to vent the crank case. I found one at Jegs that is 2" in diameter and 3" long. There was some oil residue laying in the bottom of the airbox that would have only come from the crank case vent.

The chain adjustment is still in spec. So far the mileage has been highway cruising, with just 3 miles of off roading at an ill-fated riding area with my daughter, and some hot laps around the property.

Thanks one and all for the suggestions. :prof: I would be lying if I didn't say I was deeply concerned about the health of my motor and whether or not Honda would warranty it if something had gone wrong, due to the mods. Not that the mods caused the problem, but that Honda may use them as an "out".

As for the bad gas...It ended up in the tractor.



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