wr400 fork set up

Hi Guy`s need a little help, I`ve just replaced the seals, wipers and oil in the forks of my wr. having refitted them in the bike they are quite hard and I`d like to soften them up. Set up the oil levels as per the manual and bled the forks. So i`m at a loss as to why they have harden up.....please help

Mate,have you adjusted the clickers? Start with the settings in the manual.:prof:

Thanks Marky, tried that and still no luck

Oil level too high???

I just rebuilt mine and I had to move up to 15W oil to stiffen them. I am 230 lbs. Are they stock or YZ forks. Many people dial/swap the WR's forks to be stiff like a YZ. The YZ's are much stiffer for jumps/braking. KJR

Hi Creeky. That`s what I`m thinking, but as I set them up according the manual it`s a little confusing

Hi KJR. I`m a big guy to but I`ve 5wt in the forks to soften then because they were set up for motox and as I`m just trailriding Thats a little harsh. Thanks for the input

My service manual says standard oil level is 125mm from the top of the tube with the springs out and the fork and damper rod collapsed. Minimum oil level 150mm, maximum 80mm.

yeah my manual say`s 125mm for europe and 135mm for the rest of the world, I`ve got it at 135mm but I`m thinking of syringing out 5mm at a time and seeing how that goes

YeeHaa, thanks for all the input guy`s. Thanks Creeky, I dropped the oil Quantity by 10mls and now she glides great with good travel. Have to go an give myself a scare on the weekend.......thanks

Great, glad you got it sorted out. Unusually wet conditions here have precluded riding for some time. It finally dried out enough to get some seat time on my WR the last two days, felt GOOD. :prof:

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