Blown counter shaft seal story?

All last week I couldn't wait to go riding Saturday. Well we got to the riding spot, unloaded the bikes, got all of are gear on. I went and started up my bike, 2000WR400, to let it warm up. About 5 minutes of warming up the bike my brother pointed underneath my bike and to my surprise there was a small puddle of oil. It was pouring out from behind the front sproket. Well I knew exactly what was wrong because one of my friends has the same bike and he as replaced this seal twice. Luckily this is the first time that I have had to replace mine. Most cell phones don't work in this area but luckily one of the guys that ride with us is a truck driver so his phone works about anywhere. His monthly bill is not cheap though. But anyway I called information to get a number to a yamaha dealer about a half hour away. Gave them a call and they had one in stock. This made my day because I didn't think I was going to get to ride.

Thanks to a great riding group, one guy offered to let me use his truck to get the part. This same guy had to leave early Saturday and offered me his bike to ride after he left if I didn't get the part. Thats what you call a friend.

So I went and got the part, came back and installed it and was back riding in a hour and a half.

Has anyone else had this problem quite often. I don't tighten my chain to tight or anything like that. I guess it was probably time for it to blow. I am going to keep one of these seals in my tool box for a spare.


Thanks for concidering myself a good friend. I know your responsible and considerate of other people. When friends come along like that, wich isn't often. Than your more willing to help out in any cause. Anything I got, you can use or keep. Proberty or possessions don't make the world go round. It's the people who meet, and fun times you share. Helping each other will all come back to circle. Saturday was your day, and mine is still to come. Thats what friends are for, right!

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