color combo. help me with pics. red tank/black fenders?

hey guys. i have a 1999 650L and as you may have heard in other posts, i HATE the white plastics. so i bought a red 2003 tank off ebay, complete with elephant ears. so now, i will paint the side plates black with the fusion paint that everyone recommends, but what do i do for fenders? the frame is white and it might be a little while before i get time to paint it silver. so in the meantime, i am wondering do i use black fenders or red fenders? i plan to buy a crf450 rear fender and trim it to fit. i also plan to buy a universal supermotard front fender. both will be ufo. i know there are guys on here that don't care for ufo, but the price is great and they are far better than the stock "used to be white, but are now a nice shade if dingy" that i have now. the only reason i don't pull the trigger on the black ones right now, is i don't want the bike to be so many colors that it looks half-ass. also, so brand new gloss black fenders might not jive real well with the red seat and white frame etc.

so red tank and red fenders, OR red tank and black fenders?

if anyone has pics of red tanks with black fenders, please post them or email them to me if it is easier:

thanks for all the help guys!!!!!

you know what would look badazz is a red/silver bike. I may look into some silver fenders know that you got my mind wandering. maybe have the front red and rear black and get a seat cover to match that would look cool. im not the black plastic kind but they can be nice for sure

No black. DENNS suggestion of red/silver may be interesting....:prof:

Problem is, everyone has it.

Just as a side note I've got black on my 440 and it scratches easily and shows the scratches, if you lay it down alot you might consider that fact.

thanks guys. i will order the red stuff tomorrow. i will paint the side covers with the krylon fuzion paint. i should post some before and after pics in the next few weeks. thanks for the help guys.

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