NJ, Southern NJ, Delaware, S.E. PA XR650L guys!

i am trying to get all the guys to chime in from these areas. i'd like to be able to meet up with some more local guys in person to get some mod ideas and see your bikes first hand. i am a good mechanic with street bikes and just kinda new to this particular bike. i'd be happy to give any of you guys a hand if you need it. just let me know. we could also try to get a group of guys together for a ride. i think it would be beneficial to all of us in the area for trading parts and helping one another out. group rides would be cool as well for sure.

thanks guys.

i guess i will have to star posting this stuff in the evenings when guys are off of work. i wish more guys sat online at work all day like i do! HAHAHAHAHA. if it weren't for the internet, i'd be a millionaire by now. i can't get away from this damn thing!

I'm COMPLETELY addicted to this stuff...

I know there are several very knowledgeable guys in your area. Just give them time to respond.

Speaking of knowledgeable AND good looking....:bonk: Seriously though, I'd be interested in hooking up since I live right by Six Flags Great Adventure and I love talking bikes and riding.:prof:

I'm interested in meeting up, or talking bikes as well. I live in Delran NJ!

ant, i live less than an hour from you. which bike do you have and what kind of mods?

Hey it would be a riot to get five or six XRLs together going down the road! I got dibbs on leader of the pack:p

I have a 2007 XR650L with the following mods.

Daves mod

Supertrapp exhaust

HID lighting

Fork brace

Stainless Brake lines

Moose bars

Garmin 450 GPS

Clarke 4.7 Tank

UNI filter

Skid plate

14T gear

XR's only temp guage

I'm sure there is something i'm missing but I can't think of it.

HEY you guys need a east coast "denn" to keep you on your toes and standing tall!! Maybe if you get together i can come out from cali????

The more the merrier:ride:

The more the merrier:ride:

Dont forget, he brings his "trailer" every where...

Oh, so he rides a Harley?


Marlton, (South Jersey) here! Have an 07 650L, mostly stock(for now) except for 5 Gal. tank.

Great! Keep 'em coming:ride:

been chattin with ant_mb. we're talkign about meeting up at ott's or another watering hole in the delran area. davesnhere is from marlton. we are definitely building a group up. keep this thing going. there can never be enough local guys to network with to trade parts and tech knowledge with.

davesnhere, -send me an email at my direct email address. we'll start coordinating a meeting at a bar for a couple beers. bibleman lives a little farther north, but maybe he can get down once in a while too.


by the way, rich -your boy's trailer better be full of girls and xr parts!!!!!

Hey Fit, with my 4.7 Clarke, I can go anywhere!

that ride to the bar is less than an hour for me and i will be nervous with my stock tank! i will wait to find a sweetheart deal on a high capacity tank though. i got my bike for almost free, but despite being ahead of the $$$ curve, i would hate to drop that kind of money for a tank!!!!

sorry to all you guys out of the area that have to keep seeing this thread. we'll get a group together for the area and then quit bugging everyone!!!! meanwhile, i'm loving it. i can't wait to meet up with guys with the same bikes. all my friends around here have sportbikes. i love my R1, but this XR is so much fun to ride, it is crazy!!!!!

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