Fast sag question

Ok riding on my brand new (full report to come on Monday) BWB desert set up suspension.

My current sag is 115mm or 4.6ish inches. I know how to adjust it but to minimize the off/on of the rear subframe whats the general rule of thumb?

1 full turn = how many mm or how much in inches?

Oh its a 10kg Eibach spring btw.

Thanks guys.

just a guess....but i would say with your 10kg one turn would change it about 5mm. ive never paid attention really when doing any of mine but i figure id throw out a guess.

5mm a turn is a pretty good rule of thumb for the rear sag adjustment.

Cool that'll give me a baseline. Go 3 full turns and see where I am.

Must have had 1 to many beers when I first did it...swear I did 100mm first time....Course it didnt feel like it when I rode afterwards, which is why I checked again before messing with clickers.

the XR650R shop manual states one turn equals 1.5mm change in the spring length that wud be assuming the stock shock body/adjuster is used...spring weight should not matter.


I tried with 3 turns first adjustment then ran out of time so will finish tonight.

Started at 117.475mm did 3 full turns exactly (marked) and went to 104.775mm.

So I saw 4.233mm per full turn.

yup...the spec i gave is for the spring length vs turns of the adjuster

u shud be able to use your results(turns vs sag measurement) to get u in the ballpark...the spring weight will definately effect ur static and race sag.

not to hyjack this thread :prof: but i'm helping a buddy set up his R's suspension/sag...can the spring & shock be removed or adjusted without removing the subframe?

it looks like a bit of a PITA.



No it cant.

Just be careful with the rear brake hyd line other than that its easy. One of those things that will take you an hour from full on to off and back on the first time and then 10 minutes after you've done it a time or 2.

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