No Oil Screen Inside Clutch Cover: 84 XR500R

Recently put a new clutch in my 1984 XR500R and noticed that there was no oil screen to clean out. People here on TT mention cleaning this part anytime the cover is off so I looked for it but did not see any screen or filter. Never had any problems with this bike and everything inside the cover looked super clean and tight. Is this something to be concerned about?

I',m pretty sure that there is supposed to be one. It is at the very bottom just in front of the clutch and aft of the oil pump. It should be held in with a 6mm bolt. You really can't see much of it when installed.

Not too much to worry about though.

i looked at the microfiche and didnt find anywhere that shows a screen????? good thing you got an oil filter still LOL

Here is the crankcase microfiche for the 84 XR500R. It it part number 4.


This is a thumbnail. Click it to see full size.

wow i looked right at that pic but didnt see that screen shoulda paid a little more attention and zoomed.

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