Light kit almost complete but...

I need to know what is the right rear brake hydraulic switch that will fit on my wr 426 2002 ?. Anybody knows the proper procedure to install it ? Do I need a special tool for bleeding the hydraulic circuit ?

I've been told that a mechanical switch would do the job. If so, what is the best place for installing it ? I checked and the kickstart takes a lot of room.(Picture may be)

Also I'm looking for the instrument control for 3 functions, hi/lo beam, turn signal and the horn. The dealer nearby cannot get the euro kit that could fit.(see sabin's post on the topic), any suggestions? I looked into used parts but I'm reluctant to put a part that is not sharp.

It sure is cheaper to build my own kit, but it is much more work to do.

After I get all the parts, I'll have to make up a diagram and bench test it before the installation. Any suggestion where there would be diagram that would fit ?

Thanks again

I am using a hydralic switch on the rear of my yz400. Its easy to install. Just remove the banjo bolt that holds the line to the rear master cylinder. Install the switch in its place. All the switch is (if you havent seen one) is a replacement bolt with wires coming out the end. its activated by the hydralic pressure. I think that this is the way to go instead of a mechanical switch. Make sure that you route the wires away from the exhaust. Also there is 2 brass washers on each side of the brake line. Make sure you put them back they way they came off.

As far as bleading the brakes goes. Its easy. All ya need is a 8 or 6mm wrench on the bleader nut on the brake caliper.

1. loosten the nut

2. press and hold down the rear brake pedal.

3. tighten the nut

4. release the brake pedal.

5. repeat the process until you get nothing but brake fluid outa the bleader screw.

You will need to refill the fluid resivour a few times while doing this. Dont let the fluid get more than 1/2 way down or you may get air into the lines. Ya might want to put a piece of clear hose on the bleader screw and let it run into a container. It will keep things cleaner.

Also while you are there check that the back of the resivour isn't cracked. Its right next to the exhaust and gets exposed to a lot of heat. I just replaced mine because it cracked.

You can get the switch at There phone number is 1-888-369-8359. Ive ordered some stuff from them recently. I was very happy with there service.

They might be able to help you with the blinker/hilo switch also.

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