yami 3 pin coupler? Where to get?

I added a street legal kit to my wr.(07 450) I was supposed to cut and add wires in some spots. i dont like cutting wires. so i spliced them into the couplers. but Id like to get my hands on a few couplers, so I can make it cleaner/and quickly back to stock, If i ever wanted to. does anyone know the part number or where i can get these couplers? Its the 3 pin couplers(triangle). like the one that connects the headlight to bike, or tailight. ive searched and searched. with no results.:prof:

yeah i couldn't find them on those sites either, although in his defence i didnt specify year of my bike(dont know if different on other years). I got the licence plate bracket from that seller. its pretty nice. i was thinking of getting some couplers from that/those sites, and changing them. but, id rather keep them stock. Ill keep searching. If i find them, ill post. so others dont run into this situation. maby ill ask the ebay seller where he got them. but im sure he will want to keep it his secret(so noone can undercut his product)

Good auto parts stores are not selling o ring waterproof OEM type connectors, might try there.

The connector you need is listed. Look again.

awesome! Thanks for the help guys. electrical tape wasnt making me feel comfortable. I had visions of future electrical problems.

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