I'm thinking about a ride above Palm Desert/Springs

Growing up in the Coachella Valley I liked to travel up the hwy 74 to Santa Rosa and drive my pick-up like a mad man along the (fire) trails up there. Now that I have my xrl I want to go up there again. I did some things back then that were not legal and didn't get caught but now I don't wanna take the chance.

Does anyone know if it legal to ride the main trail; are permits needed; my pipe is stock but my friends' are modded, so are the sound regulations strictly enforced; spark arrestors enforced?

If others might like to go maybe we can plan something out. thx.

You can take some fire roads close to Toro peak. There is not much though. Don't go too fast unless you want to become a hood ornament on a pickup.

You're right about the ornament, the way I used to drive I should've had a few. Is Toro peak where the radio towers are located. although I camped and sped along the main trail I don't remember ever reaching the radio towers. I wanted to do that at least once before I kick the bucket, well, maybe twice if it's fun.

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