WR450F 2-trac - any experience?

Hi there, just popped over from the Honda section, and am considering going blue for my next project:

Just wondering if any of you guys have any experience with/own a WR450F 2-trac? I'm not sure they were available in the US (or many were sold at least!) but here in the UK there are a few brand new unregistered '04 bikes for sale at a much better price than the original SRP and I was considering one as a basis for a rallye bike?

Silly idea or no?

Opinions (based on fact/experience) please...

JennyMo xxx

I can't help you specifically with your question, but it might help to post this question over at ADVrider.com. They seem to have more experience with rally-type bikes. I've seen some 2-trac info over there in the Thumpers section from time to time.

edit: I do know that the 2-trac was used as the basis for Yamaha's Dakar rally bikes, so it's not a silly idea.

i contacted ohlins, about this, as an aftermaket item an dthey replied they are not available in the us as an aftermaket item. i saw on ebay... maybe 1-2 months ago there was a wr450 w/ one and it looked really bitchin. how come the wouldnt sell it here? i mean even i would have no problem ordering the system internationally. contact ohlins @ http://www.ohlins.com/Motorcycle/2WDContainerpage/2WheelDrive/tabid/142/Default.aspx

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