Have you owned both XR400 & XR650 ?

Because if you have I have a few questions for you.....

I'm considering the purchase of a very clean, used XR650 to replace my

cherry XR400 for street riding,because I'm looking for more performance than the 400 can offer in that role.

I've ridden a stock '04 650 and was majorily disappointed in both it's weight and lack of 'umph'(what a dog). However,there's a lot of modded 650's out there

that,based upon their owner' claims,sound like they become impressive street performers with minimal mods....

Basically,I would want to transform the 650 into a mild street-tard,most importantly getting to shed some of it's weight,both in the interest of improving it's performance and it's appearance.

I'd be expecting a 'night & day' increase,power wise,over the XR400,but

nothing like the CR500/KX500's explosive nature.

Right? Realistic ? Wrong? What???

Sam in Indiana





You can mod it,and re-gear it to be more to your liking,but nothing you can ever do is gonna make it as snappy and light as a 500cc 2-stroke,its just a different bike altogether,if this truly is your goal,you may be better off finding a different bike to work with.

650R or 650L?

I have an XR4 and an XRR; like you, I wanted more street snap than the XR4 would give me. The '4 is *great* on the surface streets, up to about 50mph. Part of my various commutes are on the highway, however, and Detroit traffic travels at a pretty good clip, generally.

You can absolutely expect a night and day-and-a-half difference between the power. On my XR4 the max speed is about 80mph; whack the throttle open at 70 and the engine room responds when it feels like.

Perform the same maneuver on the XRR and BAM! You're going 90. Mine will top out at ~105.

L? Dunno. People seem to like them- the design hasn't changed in what, 37 years? :prof: That's a pretty good testament to it's inherent goodness.

If you are talking about a 650R, yes I have owned both. Imagine being able to upshift your 400 one more gear, with the power to back it up - thats the difference.

Rockjockey, the XR4 mod has a 400 and a 650L.

I have both - 400R for dual-sport trail riding, and the 650R for touring/rallye riding...

As others have said, where the 400 runs out of steam around 65mph (mine will hit around 75mph nailed with 14/45 gearing), the 650R is just getting going.

I'd say with minimal mods (remove the airbox restrictors and backfire screen, fit a UNI filter, re-jet and an HRC exhaust tip), you should be good for 50+bhp which is around a 65% increase on the 400...

I run 14/50 gearing on my 650R and it'll still do 90mph...

...the 650 is a beast!


I have owned the 650R and a 400 at the same time and still own a 440 and a 650L and they are three totally different bikes that serve different purposes. The 650r is a fire breathing rip snorting desert racer, mine was prone to boilovers at a slow pace which is pretty much dictated by the terrain here. The 650L has more top speed than the 440 but the 440 will get to its top speed quicker. The 650L will probably suit your needs with some modifications unless you want to SM race it which could be done more economically with another brand of bike. I use mine to commute and am currently collecting parts to make a street motard out of it. I dont think you are going to shed a whole lot of weight from it but it is what it is, a dependable reliable air cooled Honda. This is the main reason I bought mine.

Thank,fellas,for all of your responses. I should have explained further that I'm interested in the 'L' model-I prefer the aircooled design's looks...but,want

the lighter weight of the 'R'....yeah,I know,it ain't gonna happen....

A chum offered me his lightly modded 'L' for a few hours 'evaluation'. I'm

going to take him up on that.....it's a very clean older model ('97-'99) so

I should be able to get an accurate idea as to whether or not 'we'll agree'...

Biggest attraction of the 650 to me is the extra beans(after modifications) and,of course the e-start.....otherwise,I'm very happy with the 'little' XR4.

If I don't go with the 650,I'll regear the 400 (15/40) for street.....that'll

kill the performance,tho....

How much weight can be removed from the 'L' model? It's stated weight is 324 dry.....

Sam in IN

15/40 gear and 15000 ? miles on my 650R 75 /85mph all day .

I've made 500 mile high way rides up into Wis. and back ,maybe 10 times since 02.I think my record is 8 stops for fuel in a weekend.

Have you ever been to Road America?

It would be nice to have the L model seat though.

Well, I am not sure about the XR400, though I have ridden someone elses heavily modded XR250. In comparison, the 250, while light, just lacked the seat of your pants feeling that I enjoy with my modded 650L. The 250 felt totally gutless and was actually kinda boring. I dont care what people say about the weight of the 650L, it still feels lighter than my old Kawasaki KLR250 did. Handles better too.

I've got all 3 - '01 XR400R, '06 XR650L, and '06 XR650R. The stock XR650L came really leaned out and choked down from Honda. I've done several mods including replacing the stock carb with an Edelbrock (engine is still stock) and it still doesn't have the go the XRR has. On the XRR, I replaced the stock exhaust insert with the HRC tip, took out all of the removable plastic baffles in the air box, and rejetted. That bike really came to life after that! I use the XR400R mostly for tight technical trails and the XR650R for the wide open trails in the Sam Houston National Forest. I use the XR650L to run errands around town and to play with on the new subdivision streets where no houses are built yet. If you could go with the XRR and make it street legal, you'll be much happier than with the XRL if you're looking for performance gains. The one thing the XRL has going for it is that's it's air cooled and you don't have to worry about radiator fluid. It also has an electric start. That is the one thing I don't like about the XRL is it doesn't have a kickstarter but I've never ran the battery down starting it yet. Which ever one you get, you'll probably want to put a larger gas tank on it. Just some of my random thoughts; hope it helps.

Buzz off,RickyPane. This thread isn't about whatever you've owned or have an interest in owning,it pertains to seeking information from past and present owners of both the XR400 and XR650.....Post your own topic.

And,thanks again,guys,for your input......

Sam in IN





Ural 2WD

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