50+ Riders

I just turned 50 and bought an 04 YZ450 after a 25 year hiatus from 2 wheeled dirt bikes. My last dirt bike was a 1974 Husky 250WR, after being clocked at 90 mph in the sand along hwy 78 in Glamis I decided to go with a safer(?) ATC 250R...it's been buggies and quads since then. I am having a blast re-learning to ride with skinny tires...just hope I don't break a hip! It's kind of tough finding people my age to ride with though, I'm not ready to keep up with the youngsters.....yet

This thread has been very fun to follow...Truly inspiring. I'm still a very young 42. Been riding since 1974 (Hodaka rat followed by a 73 MX 250) I guess my dad did not see it necessary for me to ride a 125..lol)

The fact that I will be 56 when my duaghter graduates high school and 60 when my soon to be born first son does the same all makes for some fun jokes at the office. I just remind them all that I'm still racing, and will be doing the same with both my kids well into my 60s and forward (Lord willing)

A big heart felt thank you to all those older than I that have shared your stories. Keep on twisting it and keep the rubber side where it belongs.

I hear you there, I have a 6 yr old daughter and I'm 55, also have 32, 28, and 20 yr old kids, I should be 72 when my youngest graduates college. Oh well wouldn't trade it for anything. Mike

Mike that's awsome!

I'm learning from my 4 year old daughter that little girls will steal your heart and hit a baseball (nerf) all in the same day. My wife has her on a horse (without fear) and a yzinger should be just around the corner.

Since this thread is about 50+ riders it should be of interest that in the International Oldtimer Motocross series, race eleven of the twelve race series(Labor Day weekend), 50 year olds finished first and second in the Master A class against the +40 fast guys!

(I'm 65 and was second in +60 Expert class!)

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