I often wonder what happened to the used bike market, people say its from dealers offering 0 0 0 on new bikes but why fork out close to six grand maybe 7500 with finance charge,anyway can't sell my bike bo ho

Everything in life for sale is based on supply and demand. Either the supply of used bikes is high or the demand for used bikes is low or both.

I noticed the same thing, me and three of my buddies have all ordered WR 450's, we have DRZ 400's and a CR 500 that we're about ready to give away, but still can't sell them. Our dealer thats selling us the WR's will take them as trade, but says we won't like the numbers. He also says he has never seen the used bike market so low, but thinks it will pick up, says it always does. Maybe its just the economy.

The used bike, like the used car market is in the slump. Right now at Donelson cycles in St. Louis they have left over 2002 yx426s for 4500.00. That makes my 99 about worthless. Man just look at the new car loans 60 months 0% financing. Until the economy gets back on track the new stuff is so cheap that all used is going down. I was going to trade my chevy p/u in on a new one and take advantage of the 0% right now and they won't give me crap for my 2001. It will turn around......I hope.


Anyone who is buying bikes right now has lots of great deals to choose from on new ones. Else they are buying a new truck at 0-0-0, and will worry about the bike later. It all adds up to very soft demand for used bikes. No doubt related to the economic conditions.


Ditto.' Are local auto trader (Paso Robles CA south through Santa Barbara CA) has 7 426s In the $4000 to $4300 range. This is very unusual.

I was selling a 2001 YZ125 last year. Looked great, all new plastic. I had to lower the price $600 and wait like 5 months for anyone to even look. The first guy that looked at it took it but it was tough. Good luck selling your bike.

I think alot of people (not saying you) expect to get way to much out of a used dirt bike. I have seen many ads for 98-00 bikes for prices well above what I got my used 01 for. Some are still trying to get over $3500 out of a 99?! Dirt bikes depreciate like crazy and aftermarket add-ons do little to nothing to increase value. I remember when I was buying bikes in my teen age years, for $1000 I could get bikes 3-5 years old. Now people are asking $1500 for a claped out 85 RM125. I have been trying to find my son a PW50 and I have found I can save $300 by going with a 10 year old bike. Screw that, I'm buying new. This dirtbike habit is lose-lose, except for those few hours of sadle time a week. :)


Ive seen a lot of people ask to much but in my case I went to the paper to start and priced my bike $100 under the lowest comparable bike. I think the economy being the tank has a lot to do with it. Not a lot of disposable income out there.

I agree, it's the entire auto industry. I've had two cars

listed for sale in the auto trader for 3 wks and have had only 1 call. Advice...if you can wait it out, hold on til you get a good offer. If you've taken care of your bike, and your price is fair, the right buyer will come around.

You know its funny, I was trying to sell my 89 YZ 250 for $700 when I was getting the $$$ togeter for my WR, then I got the $ anyway and decied to keep the YZ for a spare bike. I never needed it but other people did, one guy who I loand it to when his bike died on a ride liked it so much he said sell it to me! I was like, nawww, its worth it to me to keep it, he said, how much do you want? I said $800 and he said OK!!!! It had a beat rear shock too!

I never try or expect to make money in dirt biks, buy cheap NOW and sell cheap but not to cheap later! LOL Get a bike you kow you will love and keep, tune it to your taste and ride the balls off it! Then it wont owe you to much 5 years later. If you feel you need a new ride ever year or every other year, fine, shell out the $$$$$, but I anit paying your way for like $1000 less than I could have the new bike for!!!!

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