Hey guys I am thinking about getting a 400 or a 426. The only problem I have with them is that they are liquid cooled. I ride pretty hard and so therefore I crash really hard. Do any of you guys have problems with tearing up your radiators?

It happens.

But hey, its a great sacrafice when you add those extra ponies!

Buy some good quality radiator guards (www.flatlandracing.com ~shameless plug~) and you will reduce your chances of damage signifigantly.

Ive had mine for 3-4 years now with no damage and let me tell you, Ive had my share of get offs!

Rad guards also give some "bracing" strength to the radiator. Do it now before you lay it down and slightly bend one, because putting the guards on a bent rad sucks. Speaking from experience

And when they get bent up, send them off to Myler's in Utah.

Myler's is to radiators, like the piperepair.com guy is to bent expansion chambers.

They both do great work, and fixing cost is like 20% of the cost of new.

Bent radiators aren't much of a problem until they start leaking.

How much do Mylars charge? One of mine is crushed in a little (really, not that bad). I'll be ordering the guards while it's out being fixed.

I crushed mine after biffing on railroad tracks. Mylers straightened it out and welded two cracks for $50. On top of that, they returned the radiator the next day.

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