Turbo pig

wow. i wonder how fast i could crash with that!!! :prof:


That must bake your thigh!

I will be replacing the turbo on my STI with a larger one soon. With the old one I could................aw never mind the XRL would never get it to spool.

Here's another swedish turbo-build! Very nice work :prof:

wow, that looks like way too much fun. I'm imagining a turbo 650sm...humm

How are they overcoming the stop-and-go nature of the intake flow on a single cylinder machine? About 3/4 of the time the intake valves are closed leaving no where for the turbo to push the incoming fuel/air mixture.

Back in the day racers would use huge plenums to give the charge somewhere to go but then they had problems with the pressure pushing backwards through the carb jets and leaning out the mixture.

So they moved the carb upstream of the turbo compressor and just pumped those huge plenums full of explosive fuel/air mixture. Backfires were quite an event that often resulted in intakes and carbs being blown right off their manifolds.

So how are these guys overcoming those various turbothumper issues? :prof:

That bikes uses a large plenum also; it's the big thing on the right side that says "turbo" on it.

The fuel doesn't backflow through the carb if you run a fuel pump and pressure regulator. That 650R is using a blowthrough setup which is far more flexible than a drawthrough.

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