Excel Wheels

I say they have been used and abused (as they should be). Rear rim is factory. I would look for a nicer set than those in the ad.

Rear rim is factory.

...and comes with a pretty awesome crack in it..... I'd feel pretty comfortable doing +90mph on that wheel :prof:

The rear does not appear to have any flat spots but there is a small crack as shown

Hey, at least there are no flat spots on the rear!

Excel wheels are good, cracked Excel wheels, no good! I recently added Excel wheels w/Talon hubs and spline drive HD spokes to my 97 XR600R. I did the ebay thing and didnt pay much for them. Otherwise new, they probably been more than my purchase price on bike. I really like the looks besides my old stock frt rim was tweaked making it annoying on the street to ride.



Also using Talon 'groovelite' sprocket on rear, Talon steel sprocket on frt w/DID O-ring chain

Id probably pass on this auction. I also think that the xr stock rims are prone to cracking, my rear had a crack almost exactly like that one.

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