Case Savers

I can see how important it is to have better protection than stock with the normal case savers of which have been spoken of by many, MANY, people, where it protects the clutch side cover from the chain. ie. a product like this:


I have seen these for the WR, but only on eBay:

(why don't they sell these at the TT store?)

But they don't sell anything for protection from the shifter? I have a buddy who broke his case because of a small wreck at Moab. It doesn't take much, and the case could be hammered. It is "easily" repaired with quick steel or JB Weld, or something like that. But is there anything that is already made that could protect the case in the event of a tip-over on the left hand side? I have scoured the internets and have found nothing.

I am seriously considering try to build something myself out of carbon fiber or something. I know there isn't very much apace between the shifter and the case, but there HAS to be SOMETHING out there. :bonk:

I am baffled.:prof: Any thoughts?


Hmmm - nothing. I contacted the eBay seller and they replied that they are working on something. I don't think that I could get them before my trip to 5MOH!

So no one else has broken their shifter side case because of a wreck? Interesting.


Havn't seen any breakage but I would buy one just for the bling factor.

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