Good Deal on a XR650?

I'm getting back into dual sport riding again and think an XR650 will suit my needs well. I've had a few thumpers over the years, all were stock street legal dual sport bikes that I think were too heavy and not that fast. So I thought this time I would get a bike with better power and a little less pounds and make it street legal. I found an 2005 XR 650R that has less than 10 hours on it and is in like new condition. It has a Baja Designs light kit on it and a Pro Circuit pipe. Asking price is $4750. Also comes with helmet, boots, and a few other bits. Does that sound about right? I also went to the local dealer and they have a new 2006 XR650 that the salesman said was going for $5800 OTD including tax and shipping etc. I might get him down on that but then I would have to buy the lights and uncork it. What do you guys think ?

The 4750 is good deal if it actually has that low of hours,the light kit I think is about 450? and the pipe,350?

Very ggod deal if the bike is "as new". Jump on it.

Good deal, go buy it!!

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