Replacement cables

Did some work on the carb this weekend and found out the hard way that the lower cable is starting to fray about 1/2" from the end pin (wire strand embedded in the fingertip sucks!!). I'm going to replace the throttle cables and maybe the clutch cable and was wondering if any of y'all have recommendation on new ones - Terrycable, Motion Pro, stock??? Any info and opinions are greatlly appreciated!!!! :)

Bump! :)

I tried the steel braided Terrycale clutch cable and the quality and beffyness of the cable is excellent.

However, the cable (not the housing) is too long and I had to make a special piece to extend the housing so I could make adjustments to the freeplay on my lever. Im sure I got the right cable. Has anyone else had this problem with a Terrycable cable?

Just my opinion but I wouldn't use anything other than the Motion Pro T2 cables. They are the ones with the grey housing. Never had a problem with these.


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