Anyone near Clarksville, TN help with wiring on xr600

I have a 96 xr600 in which all wiring from a baja designs kit was removed, long story, they wont fix it. Now I have no headlight, taillight, turn signals but would like to get them working. Anyone who lives close maybe that knows something about wiring I would appreciate it. Just let me know on here and email me at

Are you wanting to put a new BD D/S kit on it or just wire up everything from individual pieces? I'm sure there are enough people on here to help you figure it out if you could give us a little more info on what you are wanting to do.

Another thing you may want to do is get a service manual for it. It will have a wiring schematic that can help sort out what goes where. Or maybe someone on here knows where one is downloadable and could share the url address? It shouldn't have too many wires to start with so it should be easy once we figure out what you are starting with.

Let us know the details of what you are up to.

Welcome to the lunatic club...:confused::bonk::prof:

Well it had a BD kit on it but now i guess its about a half original wiring harness/half BD kit harness cause my honda dealer sucks. I guess I would like to rewire the entire bike from scratch with the component I already have and purchase any extra components I might need. I've found BD wiring harness diagram from older kits like mine here

and heres a 91-93 xr600 wiring schematic which i'm sure is very similar to the 96 model

I have a a headlight, taillight, turn signals, and I believe a rectifier/regulator or whatever it might be called but i'm not sure if that actually works so that might be one part I need to buy. This link

shows some basic wiring which should get things working but doesn't specify how to get a headlight, tailight, or turn signals working. Anyone with any knowledge would be greatly appreciated. If some wiring God could draw a Microsoft paint diagram with a basic wiring of stator-rectifier-battery-turnsignals/headlight/tailight-killswitch that would really heal alot, not sure if those are in right order or not.

Any other ideas guys? I'm going back at it today with the service manual and fresh roll of wire. I think maybe problem is my regulator/rectifier.

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