Miles/ks in a day?

Well.......... who's done the most in a day???

My record is 361.4ks

My personal best is just a little over 250 miles in one day. That translates into 402 km.

This was for the 1986 Barstow to Vegas dual sport ride. It was called a poker run back then.

Thats excelent, anymore???

DAMN you guys are diehard. :)

That puts me to shame. :D

Although I did get 90 miles outta a stock yz400 tank of gas once. Does that count. :D

Dan Y,

Any time I've done the old (non-dual-sport) Barstow to Vegas it was only about 150 miles. The dual sport version must take some long detours. Anyway, that's about the longest for me.

I am guessing the champ is Dan Lorenze. Prob about 530 or so miles. What about it Daniel?


PS: Way too many Dans here when Dan is sending a message to Dan about Dan. Jeez!

I agree with Dan about Dan.

Lorenze is the champ. He just doesn't like to brag about it.

I haven't seen a post from Mr. Lorenze is a while. What has he been doing?

I did 180 miles(in 1 day) 2 weeks ago in Big Bend National Park.

I am not worthy.... I think I did ummmmmm like 54 miles in a day once. We are talking dirt riding right? :)

You guys are studs


I haven't seen a post from Mr. Lorenze is a while. What has he been doing?

Dans, I'm still alive and kicking! I've been posting here and there.. I rode a Laughlin ride this weekend that was fun,fun,fun.... A bunch of guys on 650's that we're cool to ride with and then there was me on the only blue bike. Of course I drag raced them along the way. With a 15 counter sprocket against a fresh "power up" 650 ole blue still walks away. Everyone was shocked (not me hehe:))

As far as total miles in one day, for me it was the Vegas to Reno race in 2001. The course was 526mi but we all got lost and put on another 15, so my personal best is around 540mi in one day. The race was the hardest day of my life, after 300 miles my body had it! I couldn't get comfortable: stand up, sit down, right cheek, left cheek over and over again but after 17 hours of riding it was over with and vowed never to do this race unless I was really in shape for it. What really sucks is that the Vegas to Reno race is scheduled for the 2003 season, it's all I think about. I really have some soul searching to do.

Zak, My dad and I have been emailing Casey Folks (BITD) about getting coordinates (or close to) for the Nevada 1000 course. I want to plan a ride with GPS's and follow the race course over 3 days (you as our fearless leader). Sounds like an adventure, what do you think? We'll get Dan HB, Pmaust, my brother and my dad to go.

Fryboy, thats correct dirt riding!!

A few years back the LA-B-to Vegas had a little fun addition for the brave of heart called the IRON DOG. The ride involved dayone LA (Colton,CA) to Barstow then day two Barstow to Vegas (almost 300 miles) day three was spent in Vegas day four riding back to Barstow via Mojave Road ect (over 300 miles) then finally day five Barstow to LA. I think the total for the four days of riding was a little over 850 miles! That was fun!!!!! :)

I figured Vegas to Reno was your longest, Dan. My 150 is nickel and dime compared to that.

I did B to V twice, actually. And Parker 400 once on the bike and twice in a car. Parker actually turned out to be 150 for me also. So all three together still only add up to 450, LOL!

I wish business would pick up. I got a hankerin' to ride the D-37 Enduro circuit for '03. But it's expensive with parts and all, even with a little help. So it won't happen unless companies start buying capital equipment again, and I start making some coin again. Hopefully it will, soon.

Let me know when you get ready to do that pre-run. I might join you guys.



Mr Lorenz,

The ride sounds great. I'm willing to do the GPS routing providing I can get at least some Waypoints. The best option is to get the entire course tracklog if possible.

What is the possible dates for this adventure??

Z, Not sure yet, we've just been talking about it. I'll know more in the next couple of weeks.

D :)

My best is this spring at 110miles of tight Michigan singletrack (with some road connectors).

I did about 300km once, but it had about 50km routes

About the farthest I've ridden in a day is 145 miles of fast, rocky, steep, jeep trails and mostly above timberline. I was sore for a week.

Farthest in 3 consecutive days is about 425 miles out in Moab and Green River Utah.

I've never had the opportunity to try any desert riding but I'd love to get out there and fly for a while. How fast a speed can you average?

I've never riden desert, all my riding is trails, when we did the 360 clicks took us about 10 hours.

That's some decent mileage in one day. I was just wondering what type of terrain people are talking about.

I would think it would be very difficult to rack up serious miles in the Eastern part of the US since much of the terrain is heavily wooded with tight, slow trails.

Here, we have a mix of everything so I could go to one area and have a 10 hour day and go 50 miles or ride 145+ miles in another area that has more wide open trails in 5-6 hours.

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