Miles/ks in a day?

Yes we have different trails like that, where my dad lives 120ks takes about six hours, it's full of real tight goat trails, not my favorite spot but what a workout!!


Typical hare scramble: about 55 mph

Typical SCORE race: about 65-70

Typical Desert Enduro: about 12-36, mostly 24 or so, but much more technical


Thanks guys. 65-70 mph average is moving. I don't really have many places around here where you can maintain that type of speeds.

The enduro's that I raced in the past were 18-24 mph and you have to work hard to maintain those speeds.

Sounds like a blast.

Dan & Dan,

Any possibility of others joining the fun on the Nevada 1000 ride?


Dan Y, Dan L, or Dan from HB?

Dan L is the captain of this ship. I'd say if your name is Dan, you're a lock. Otherwise, you'll have to pick a name with Dan in it. Then you'd also be a lock. Unless, of course, there's a four letter preposition or adverb along with it. In which case, it would have to be voted on. I don't believe anyone has ever been voted out, so you'd probably be a lock then, too.

I see no problem. How about you, Dan?


Any possibility of others joining the fun on the Nevada 1000 ride?

Brian, Yes of course! I go on long rides with my friends all the time. No one ever PM's me and asks to go so I never invite anyone... But I think it would be great.

It's funny, the big myth about desert racing is that it's just a flat easy power-line road, (there are some) but mostly it's alto of sand-washes and really rough roads with rocks everywhere. Some races like "Laughlin US hare scrambles" you'll spend all day in second or third climbing nasty,rocky hills one after the other without getting a break to rest. But then their are courses that are not that bad, the Nevada 1000 was mostly really fast and in my opinion not even close to being harder than the Vegas to Reno (540). The mile markers count up so slow it's discouraging to look at them and you doubt yourself that you can finish and then your body just gives out and your miserable. I think that my average speed for the long distant races is about 35 to 40mph. The pros average about 55mph. Most of the results we get from the races give us our average speeds. For the record I have never believed that desert racing is the hardest form of off-road racing, I'll give that crown to Enduro racing. It's just that on the West coast there happeneds to be a lot of desert.

See ya, Dan :)

360 km's in 12hrs. Mostly trails/single track/some logging roads. Chilcotin Mtns, BC

banffboy, how did your legs pull up the next two days??

that is to hard core. me Mikes sky ranch in baja from ensanada about 180 miles

My best is 306 miles in one long 12 hour day through the Alleghenies of VA and WV. It included everything from super tight singletrack, 90 mph fire roads, and about 10 miles of pavement to get to gas stations. I covered a large part of 6 counties in the 2 states. It took my old body a few days to straighten out after that one. :banghead:

110 woods miles is all i can boast,i really can't even fathom much less consider 500+ :banghead: but i suppose if i was averaging 60mph instead of my usual 20 it wouldn't be as bad,but not where i ride. becoming one with a oak tree is not on my to do list :banghead:

So, Whats the best way to train for long distance races without putting a gizillion miles on my bike, run? Mountain bike?

Or should I just buy a beater thumper for a couple thousand and ride 200 miles everyday?

If you are counting pure dirt, the longest day I've done is 180 miles. I did a dual-sport ride last year in the North Georgia/Tennessee/North Carolina Mointains that was about 250 miles on my WR400. My hiney still hurts.

Did 700 mi in 5 days.......... we really need an emoticaon for monkey butt.

So far, my longest was 180 in a day. That was a looooooooong day too.

Wow, I can't believe this old post was dug up. It goes almost 3 years without a post. Guess someone was using the ole search function. Lol.

Wow, I can't believe this old post was dug up. It goes almost 3 years without a post. Guess someone was using the ole search function. Lol.

I was thinking the same thing :banghead:

130 miles single track and fire roads in one day for me last year. However, 130 miles with my 03 bike's plush suspension ain't that hard on these aging bones..... 130 miles on a vintage 1970's machine would have kicked my butt...

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