Ride in Germany?

I will be in Berlin from the 12th of June through the 16th. Does anyone know of a place that rents dirt bikes in that area? Is there any place to ride? :) Would like to hear from our German friends or maybe someone was stationed there with the military?

I lived in Berlin from Jan 88 thru Jun of 94. There were a couple of places that rented BMW motorcycles off the KU-DAMM downtown. Off road bikes arn't really popular in the city. However you will be amiss if you don't visit the park across the street from Templehof Airport across the street from the Air Bridge Memorial at lunch time on any sunny day....Bare Hooters Galore...and don't forget the Nude Beach at the Wansee. Friends of mine still there tell me that the night life in the eastern part of the city has become very interesting....can you say Plato's of the 70's.

I'd better stop...My kid checks out my posts from time to time....But I think you get my point.

Bonzai :)

Sounds good, may have to resort to the street bike, but will definetly check out the park. :)

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