WR450 in shock horror "I'm a bloater" confession

1st UK test in Trail Bike Magazine this month.

Some extracts - the "TBM speak-your-weight machine didn't actually say 1 at a time please, but it might've done. 129kg (284lbs) was the somewhat surprising result (full of fuel) (so my guess about 270 with no fuel) - nearly 12kg's heavier than the 400 Husky (also full of fuel but 2 1/2 litres less)......... 4kgs heavier than the old 426F - albeit nearly 2 kgs of that is extra fuel" "looks like Yamaha's PR dept have been somewhat optimistic"............ "powerhouse of an engine that offer unrivalled performance in its class. Not quite as torquey as the KTM perhaps, but undoubtedly smoother and more powerful"............ "nothing to touch 450F's for UK Rallies (except KTM 525) (Rallies are primarily forest road based)........... "with power output which is simply vast, you soon discover that throwing the 450F around for any length of time is a tiring process".............. "as an Enduro bike it makes a fine trailie"............ "WRF will appeal to the Trail Riding fraternity but most likely be avoided by serious racers (for tight UK courses anyway)............ "it is to all intents and purposes a "blue" DRZ with proper suspension"............ "on a tight and twisty Enduro, in and out of the trees, lap after lap, it's just going to feel a handful and you'll end up fighting all that power and weight" ........... "the dirt equivalent of the Gixer-11"............. doesn't have the "KTM's dynamic abilitities to be used as both an extremely competitive racer and a great trailie"........

hrummph - so crossed that one off the list to replace the DRZ for something better for Enduro's

Can't realy go by what they say i guess, i'll hire one and test it myself like i've always done before i purchace.

Not what we expected but great info research :)! Everybody is waiting to see how much it's gonna weight. I hope Woodie will see this post. He was trying to decide between the 525 and the WR...


The thing that concerns me the most is the 8 kg weight gain over the WR 426. Yeah the weight is with fuel but remember the new tank is a tiny little thing compared with the old 3.3 gallon blue mountain.

That's 17.6 lbs heavier than the WR 426. Even removing the E starter and battery may not bring it back to the old bike mass.

Even removing the E starter and battery may not bring it back to the old bike mass.

Am I missing something here? What else on the WR450F is going to weigh so much more than the YZ450F? The "enduro" equipment on both the 250's and the 4XX's have weighed 14 lbs in the past - I would doubt this number got any higher.

I would wait to pass judgement until more reviews come out - preferrably from trusted TT members!

Agree.......not enough information.

Take a YZ, add 17 lbs. of Foof, 15 lbs. of e-start and battery and, as zey say en France, Voilá!

-> 265 lb. WR.

So. Do you buy the porker and put 'er on a diet, or buy a YZ and put the WR gearset inside?

BTW I haven't ridden my buddy's new 525 SX, but it is VERY light and starts on first or second kick, hot or cold, stock jetting (read: needs to be jetted due to altitude). He is ordering a kit from KTM to make it a six speed for around $300.

I have my manual here at work for a 2001 WR426FN and it says 268 lbs (121.5 kg). with fuel and oil and that's with the stock 3.2 gallon tank.

If what you are saying is ture, the new WR450 is considerably heavier.

Seems to me its a waste of time weighing a bike with fuel when every bike has a different size tank.Full of fuel means 2.6 gallons or at least 16lbs. So if it weighed 284 with fuel then the bike weigh about 268 with electric start.The competition [ktm450 and 525exc] weigh 256lbs.so the wr is 12 lbs. heavier and alot more powerful than the 450 ktm. Doesnt sound bad unless your puttin on tight trails which is not what the bike is built for.Thats total bull compareing it with a drz which is heavyer,down on power, and mushy suspension.

I read somewhere a couple months ago that most of the YZF weight saving features did not carry over to the WRF. Go look at the old WR's (I had one) they had a steel sub frame and the YZF had a al.

I would expect the dry weight to be the weight of the old WR plus a battery and a starter.

Also I think the WR carries oil in the frame (YZF removed that) and a cooling system overflow jug.

Yamaha is dangling the YZF out there advertising its weight and hoping that many people will buy WRF's based on that. Go look they list the weight as "N/A".

If all the WR buyers protest I bet next year it will go on a big diet an be 10 to 15 pounds lighter. If they sell everyone they make, it will never get any better.

Welcome to economics 101.

Buy the YZF, add a 5 speed if you need it, fly wheel weight, larger radiator, and change your oil very often since it carries much less oil than previous models.

Or just keep the bike you have and save a ton of $$$.


Give Yamaha some credit they did an excellent job on cutting weight while adding an e-start.

In this months issue of Dirt Rider magazine they have an excellent write up on the YZ450. They list a few of the differences between the YZ and WR. One of them is the 18 lbs of extra weight the WR carries. It is supposed to be a few pounds lighter than last years. If the YZ lists at 232 and you add 18 that puts the WR at 250 dry. Sounds about right to me. My 2001 WR426 weighs in wet at 267 and 21.4 lbs of that is fuel. 267 - 21.4 = 245.6 then add the oil and you get about 250 or so.

They say the e-start and battery are very light. I have seen the battery and it is small.

Just my 2 cents!!!!

My 2001 WR426 manual says 268 lbs. with oil & fuel on page 2-1. Why are you adding 4.4 lbs. for oil back in if you say your bike weighs 267 wet?

18 lbs. seems like a lot of weight for a heavier flywheel, 1 extra gear, a starter, battery and lights. How much does a kit from Baja Designs weigh with the lights, battery and switch gear?

There was an interesting article last year in one of the magazines with the YZF, CRF and a KTM. They took all the components apart on each bike and weighed them. None of the parts really appeared to be that much different between all the bikes except that the Honda had fewer parts resulting in less weight.

I guess we'll have to see. I can guarantee that it will be a better bike than the DRZ for enduros. Even the original WR400F would smoke a DRZ. I rode one and was very disappointed in the power, suspension and layout. I can't believe that Suzuki and Kawasaki are both going to sell a bike that feels as antiquated as an XR400, an 8 year old design.

John :)

Busted my bubble too!.. According to US testing sources who can't say all the time how they truely rate bikes (advertisng $$ loss) Keep your 02 WR, it might be the best for some time to come. :mad:SoCal


The YZ 450 has oil in the frame. I would be surprised if Yamaha goes through the trouble to make a different frame for the WR, I think the safe bet is to assume the WR will be a Foofed Up E-Start YZ, like in years past, so it will likely have the same oil capacity.


Your 18 lbs., need to add:

18” rear tire is a few lbs.

Steel exhaust is a few lbs.

Coolant Catch and plumbing is a lb.

Steel sprocket may be another lb.

Kickstand may be as much as 4 lbs.

It adds up in a hurry.

I think I added the oil in the equation because I had a brain fart. I had just finished a few Michelob Ultra beers which are the new low carb beer they are advertising. They taste like Club Soda to me. They still do the job though. Three beers and she looks good!

So the weight should be around 265 wet for the new WR450. I will let you know in two weeks. They are supposed to be in the CA port next week.

Sorry for my miscalculation on the above post.

I guess we'll have to see. I can guarantee that it will be a better bike than the DRZ for enduros. Even the original WR400F would smoke a DRZ. I rode one and was very disappointed in the power, suspension and layout. I can't believe that Suzuki and Kawasaki are both going to sell a bike that feels as antiquated as an XR400, an 8 year old design.

In my 2nd season on a DRZ 400 I haven't lost one position to an origional WR400F yet!Nor a WR426F!But that is with Race Tech suspension mod. and proper jetting.But you did say enduros not drag races!In the tight woods the "zook" runs circles around a 400 class yammie!!!

To borrow a quote from a fellow DRZer:

A fast bike in the hands of a slow rider is still a slow bike! :)

When I get mine I'll weigh it.

Until someone gets one it's all just speculation.

I got to ride a DRZ400E, an XR400, and my WR for about 45 minutes each this summer in the forest with some buds. We then slammed beers and had our own comparison. These are our takes on the bikes.

XR- Stock except for pipe and jet kit. Down on power to the other 2. Great at casual trail riding but overwhelmed on aggressive riding. If it wasn't a Honda it wouldn't be worth having, but when our bikes are worn out and blown up it'll probably still be running fine.

DRZ400E- The most modified of the bunch. Yosh pipe and jet kit, accell pump mod. Heavier springs, revalved, and more oil in the forks. SORRY BOYS, this was everyones favorite to ride, unfortunately I voted that way also. Power is right there with the WR, suspension is very good for woods riding. Very nimble and easy to ride quickly or slowly. The E-button is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

WR426F- stock except free mods and accell pump mod. This is the hot-rod of the group. Everyone loved the engine. The suspension is to stiff for casual trail riding but at speed is better. This bike likes to be ridden aggressively.

Our ratings were 1st DRZ400E 2nd WR426F 3rd XR400.

All three are heavy bikes but on the Suzy you don't seem to feel it.

I couldn't get them to bring their bikes to the MX track 'cause their not into that kind of riding. :)

I know the track wouldn't be as kind to the DRZ or the XR.

My bike is the perfect all around dirt bike. It'll race in the woods with any of the best woods bikes and it'll race on the track just as well. You don't really feel the weight in the forest but you sure can at the track.

Once I make 'em street legal I think I'll have the best of everything.

Everyday I ask myself if I should sell one and put a deposit in on a WR450. It's a tough decision, used bikes aren't selling well and I pretty sure that the dealers won't be to open to negotiating the price down.

Our ratings were 1st DRZ400E 2nd WR426F 3rd XR400.

Husky, for trail riding I totally agree!!!! I briefly traded my buddy for his DRZ while we we're riding through the forest and I never wanted my WR back. The power delivery of the Suzuki works really well on the tight stuff.

Good write up!!! Dan:)

I agree that in really tight woods, a DRZ might be able to hang because the power is like an XR400 and the suspension is super soft. If that's all you ride then it could be the bike for you.

I got rid of my XR400 for the very same reason. It was fine at low speed, in the tight woods and nasty stuff. If you ride slow, the WR is going to beat you up some. In the faster sections or out in the open, the DRZ would have a tough time keeping up unless it's heavily modified. I was looking for an all around bike which the WR is. You can play on it one day and race the next without doing anything but turning some suspension adjustments.

If I rode in really tight areas, which we don't have much of that type of riding here, I'd buy a KTM200 or a WR250F. For the woods riding here, you'd work awefully hard to go fast on a DRZ with the stock suspension.

Anytime you're out here, contact me, I'd be more than happy to show you how slow I am on my fast bike. :)

What class are you so competetive on with your DRZ400-E?

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