WR450 in shock horror "I'm a bloater" confession

Oink, oink...I smell pork. I am really bummed that the WR is going to be a porker for 03. I just sold my 02 KTM 400EXC and really didnt want to spend the $ on a 03 450EXC. I was hoping that the E-start WR was going to be as light as my KTM or at least close. It looks like I will be riding orange again next year.

Um.. if i were that worried about 5 or 10 pounds i'd go on a diet. Cheapest thing on the bike to lighten is the rider. :)

Seriously, if you want a YZ, buy a YZ. If you want lights and an electric start, buy a wr450f. This isn't rocket science, gents. If its important to you, the extra poundage is justified. Personally, alot of the weight savings on the new YZ sound to me like a bike that is sacrificing durabililty for weight. Thinner walled this, smaller that. I'll take mine overbuilt and heavy if i have a choice. The seconds that a lighter bike takes off a lap make zero difference if you dont finish because something broke.

For those of us that dont race, its sort of a non-issue on the whole. Making a trail or enduro bike into a motocrosser or vice versa is a sacrifice of something either way. I would offer that either bike seems sure to bring a smile to your face. Ahh, that all of life's decisions could be so much fun to ponder.



Maybe I bought an 02 WR that someone at Yamaha put the wrong suspension on - because I can set it so soft it won't squash a marshmallow. To say that it is a little stiff tells me it probably just isn't dialed in for the rider or terrain. I remember reading (before I bought the bike) in DIRT BIKE mag that the suspension was more for western terrain, so I was very surprised at what I got. This bike can do it all with a very sensitive suspension adjustment system that can deal with fast roughs to slow rocky, rooty, snotty single lines. (I weigh 165) When comparing bikes by riding others' mounts for a short while, it seems that it is possible to be mislead by the ergo's you aren't used to and suspension settings that represent another individual's needs (or tuning skills) and so on. Also the 02 WR suspension is more developed than the 01. Since the new 450 will have the same or even better yamaha suspenders and the auto decompression - it seems that the e-button for many of us will be something we can live without - and the bike should then be just as light or perhaps lighter than the 426. Just the auto decompression would make an 03 worthy of purchase in my book, especially for racing situations where time and weight is everything.

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