Cutting it down...

Hey there,

Just wondering the pros if any and the cons if any to cutting the stock muffler in half on my 04' YZ450F.



No benefit. It will be quite a bit louder.

No pros at all.

Con: much louder


Ok but will it effect the motor. Would it lean it out to far and cause damage ?

You potentially would have to rejet, but the only damage done would be to your image. One of the easiest ways to identify a spode is to look for the guy with the excessively loud bike. :prof:

Dont screw with it, the stock exhaust is more than loud enough.

Ok but will it effect the motor. Would it lean it out to far and cause damage ?
Why would it lean it out at all? I think you have a reasonably great lack of understanding as to how the exhaust system interacts with the engine to optimize tuning. It may richen the mixture, it may lean it out, it may do both at different points in the throttle.

It will for certain reduce the low end power the bike has, and probably without adding any top end. You will gain little or nothing, possibly loose quite a bit, and your bike will be obnoxious.

and why do you want to cut it?Is your bike too quiet?

The bike is tuned from the factory with the stock exhaust for the best all around performance.

Sometimes the stock exhaust is the best. Cutting is down might not help it. It may do more damage that good. Like getting attention from the wrong crowd. Or turn into a jetting nightmare.

You want it to be light weight, then pay for a titanium exhaust system. It will cost you some bucks. What ever you do, dont mess with a good thing. Thumpers are all ready the center of attention.

My bikes are below the 96 db level and plenty of performance for me. This is just me. But leave well enouph alone and just ride the bike and have fun.

Stock pipe cutting again....all you are doing is ruining a perfectly good stock performance gains, maybe even losses and all to have a shorter are better off ebaying it and applying $$$ to new better exhaust purchase

yeah, I agree just sell your old pipe and buy an aftermarket system.

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