08 YZ forks on a 08 WR

I decided to post this about my experience with, trying to put 08 YZ forks on my 08 WR. I got a pair of 08 forks on E bay thinking that I could slap them right on my bike. well they slid right in and, I tried to put the brake caliper on! Sure enough it was a different size. I tried to put the fork guards on! Sure enough different hole pattern.

I got back on E bay and, ordered the caliper and fork guards! Well with the new fork guards you cant mount the odo or, use it for a wheel spacer. So I decided to scrap the whole odo system. Oh and, I had to buy a new 08 yz axle! So we tried to put it all together using an 05 spacer off my other bike and, it still wont work! the axle wont come all the way through. At this point you can probably imagine the steam coming off the top of my head!:bonk: I think we decided that it must be the wheel spacers! I guess at this point instead of experimenting any more, I decided to throw in the towel. and trade my stuff for 07 YZ forks. That way it will all line up properly and, I can use my odo. Did I mention that I was blond!:prof::confused:;)

I made the same mistake. The forks that I got came with trees, fork guards and axle. I found a complete front brake assembly on e-bay that came with: caliper, hose, pads and master cylinder for 90 buck. I put the whole thing together yesterday and went for a ride. Huge difference in the way the bike feels. Best change I've made. BTW my right side fork guard from my wr bolted right up. The left one came with the fork.

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