best Maxxis front tire for sand and mud?

Ride a yz 450 f 04 modelL Looking to change my front tire...using Maxxis on back and very pleased...whats the best for sand and in Southeast Texas. Conditions on my track or sand and some clay but probabaly not enough to make a difference...ride in woods lots of sand and sandy mud. Also what's the best size 80/120 21in or something tried a bigger tire and it's hard to steer and pulls it from his hands some times in rough stuff.

Thanks for any input

Maxxis SI's are great soft terrain tires.

There is also the Maxxis SM, but they are for extreme mud conditions. The rear looks like a paddle, the front is all spikes.

80/100-21 is pretty much it for the front, unless you wanna go wider with an 90/90-21.

Thanks, Bill

I've also had good luck with the SI, but in Cali desert terrain. Everything from hardpack to sand washes. Doesn't bite too well on sand covered hard pack...but then again, what does?

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