Bar mounting position question

Is there a correct mounting position for handlebars? Other than centered left and right, is there a proper angle that the bars should be mounted in relation to the fork angle? Just kinda curious as I have a new set of ATV bars coming and I noticed that my OEM bars are kinda laid back (referencing the center of the clamping area, the cross bar and forks). I rotated the bars in the clamp so the angle of bars are aligned with the fork angle and noticed an immediate change in feel and handling to the better. Essentially the center of the bar at the mount, the crossbar and the forks are now all in line with each other. Still not high enough for comfortable riding while standing but much better overall and I think I could get a little more height by rotating the bars even further forward but question safety due to handling if I do.

Also, aside from possible cable issues, is there any advantage or disadvantage to having the bars mounted grossly in one direction or the other (forward or rearward)?

the "rise" portion of the bars is typically close to parallel with the forks...

...then adjust for comfort & controls issues just don't go to extremes off parallel


Before i put on my applied racing top clamp i would tilt them way forward to get the grips off my lap.It felt a little funney cause the back angle was pointing up a bit.

i was told they need to be in line with the forks but thats just what i was told :-)

try different things

Rotating the bars back and forth a little can make a difference to posture when you're standing on the pegs for long periods. Just try a few positions over time and see whet feels best. Somebody longer arms might want the bars a little further away from the body and vice versa.

i like the line of bottom bar and crossbar to be perpendicular to the ground. straight up. only thing with atv bars is its harder to mount handguards. not enough room to mount them on the bend like bike bars, may depend on guards though.

Back in my mountain-biking days I would use extremely long handlebar stems with short frames to minimize my whellbase yet still give me a long stretched out position. My hands would be out in front of the steering pivot by 6 or 8 inches. The steering action does change somewhat, but I didn't find that change to be negative in any way.

As long as you don't create clearance, or cable length issues just put them wherever you like the way they feel.

Its a preference thing. It also depends on how tall you are and how your arms/legs/torso are built.

People who are more aggressive tend to push them forward with a higher bar/clamp setup for more weight on the front wheel to initiate turns. The higher level also helps with standing up and being able to throw your weight forward/back easier. These guys usually have an aftermarket clamp with a steering stabilizer between the bars and clamp (elevation-wise) which makes for a tall combo.

Pushed back seems to relax the feel a little bit.

If you go too tall/wide/forward with the bars, watch your cables. The stock ones are perfect for stock bars and don't tolerate much of a change.

"People who are more aggressive tend to push them forward with a higher bar/clamp setup for more weight on the front wheel to initiate turns."

Somewhat disagree... if the bars are too far forward, it actually makes it harder to turn while increasing the chance of washing out or hi siding.

Rolling bars forward will generally make it easier to ride standing as well, but you are increasing the forward travel when you are in woops or dipping trails. It'll wear you out quick! I prefer slightly rolled up from the fork line.

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