Will these cams work (426)

Ok i bought a set of new hot cams from a buddy that got them for his 03' 450 I am puting them in my 00' 426, hot cams tells me these wont work, the part # is diferent but the only diference is the 426 hot cam has an adjustable sprocket. Does anybody know if these will work!! 426 part# 4035-1E and 4002-1N intake...... I have, part# 4023-1N and 4022-1E for a 03 and up 450, im thinking these will work please help thank you..

They may eventually work, but it won't be easy, and I don't recommend it.

The 426 and 450 heads are different, and the timing sprocket tooth profile is also different. The sprocket differences were enough to keep people from trying to use the 450 exhaust cam in a 426 for a while. It doesn't seem sound, on the face of it to use two such cams in the engine, although no one has yet had a problem with the 450 exhaust cam due to this.

The other thing is that the timing marks on the cams cannot be used in a 426. When using the 450 exhaust cam only, one times the intake cam by its original marks, then times the 450 cam in a certain relationship to that. Since neither set of marks would align correctly, you would have to get the correct timing specs from Hot Cams, and use a degree wheel to set up the engine, or guess at the timing by eyeballing the other end of the cams (don't try this at home).

It is more or less within reason that it could be done, but if it were me, I think I'd do something else.

thanks again gray, dont know what (any of us) would do with out you!!!!

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