Rattling Forks Question.....

Just a quick question.....my roomate, who's also a service tech at the local shop, just replace my fork oil and seals. When the forks are stood up, in the fashion they are installed, and I shake 'em back and forth, there is a slight rattling sound?!?! Is this normal, and if so, what is it that slightly rattles back and forth. If it's not normal, what could be the cause.

BTW, the forks seem to work just peachy...........just curious.


Dodger :):D

If you aren't careful when re-fitting the top cap to the damper rod (tightening the locknut), the damper rod can come undone in the bottom of the forks. When you put the forks back on, you can feel a slight movement back and forward as though the head bearings are loose. :) I'd check If I were you.

I had this happen to me, and found out just before an MX moto! :D

I think it could be your springs if your shaken them back n forth.

I know the floating front disc makes a clicking noise when you hit the front brake.

K, so Eric says it's the springs too........

I'm cool with that........time to reinstall.

Thanks guys....

Dodger :):D

Bit of reassurance now i suppose, Its the springs!

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