Pro Taper bend choice

I am currelnty running the Renthal MC bend on my 02' WR 4226. I have decided to go with the Scotts combo setup with damper, top triple clamp, and Pro taper bar. Not sure which bend to try. Any suggestions?

Oh yeah, Im 5'9"

I just put a scotts set up on, ordered CR High. Seem to be real close to stock height etc. Was hoping it was a little taller. Have not tried it riding yet. Rained out this last weekend. 5'11''

I just made the same purchase for my 2001 YZ and went with the Windham Bend in gunmetal grey. I think the numbers were 99 high and 54 back. I am 6' and also went with the 14mm forward of stock on the triple clamp.

Good luck,


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