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08 TE450 - Fuel Tank Volumes & Pressure test results

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Prime Volume – (Pick up fully submersed) 70.82ml

Prime Volume – (First sign of low fuel level around pick-up) 38ml

On a flat surface the fuel drops below absolute pick up point with 2612.4ml of fuel in tank after 4587.6ml (approx 60%) has been used

Fully primed pump allows engine to idle for 7 Minutes (tested at 1,750 RPM)

Remaining fuel in tank after “ran out of fuel” 300ml (this is after pump ran dry so the 300ml is dead fuel)

Amount of fuel required to prime pump after “running out” 200ml (added to the remaining 300ml = 500ml from dead empty tank & dry pump)

because it`s not a return to tank system air in the line will lean it out only - not stop it as quickly as a return to tank or externally pressure regulated system, as it`s not as crucial to constant absolute volume after the pump.

I ran it totally dry - the pump was empty & all that was left in the tank was exactly 300ml, you could shake it around & use that up too if you had too.

All tests on a flat surface.

The advantage of a system like this is that it only needs enough fuel to around the pick up intermittently to run the bike, because the pump will give up to 7 minutes (corrected down depending on RPM etc) & that is plenty of time for splashing fuel to be picked up. However, like any bike, don`t let it run that dry, it`s really no different to a carby system & you can extract all but 300ml of fuel, not many are actually that good

Low fuel Light came on with 1900ml remaining in tank, so that`s 700ml after the pick up started drawing air, but again remember this is on a flat surface, so riding would allow fuel surge & keep fuel being picked up and that means it still has 1600ml until it totally runs out, = reserve of 1.6lts

Purely for specs & you can draw your own conclusions, but i`m happy that the system used is capable of running efficiently & makes good use of the allowable volume of fuel without adverse harm on the pump or engine, sure a 100% submersed pump is always the best, so unless you want to cut the tank up & fit a swirl pot or an external can, you can be comfortable that this system is pretty efficient in doing what needs to be done. The internals of the tank are contoured so fuel runs back into a small dished area also.

Depending on your riding style, gearing & tune, do your mpg & you can work out how long you`ve got after low light comes on. BTW the light is triggered by fuel level, not drop of pressure as someone had asked me once before.

Here are the measured fuel pressure & 8 minute drop also.

Yes, i`m happy with all of that.

Max Pressure - Running


Presure Drop Test - 8 Minutes


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