So Cal riding season is here.

It's time to get out and ride.The 283 day drought is over. Yes we haven't had rain in So Cal for 283 days. Rain is here. No dust and traction are now happening in our area. To be able to ride the desert with no dust and tons of traction HEE HAAA!! Angles National Forest should be opening. The time is now. Get out of your lazy boy go change you oil, clean your fliter and ride. Life doesn't get any better. :):D :D

I don't know where you've been, but we've been riding all summer. you outta check out the SoCal riders posts on the YZ side for some good group rides.

I've been riding. The difference is now you can see the guy in front of you.

Bman, I like that! "no dust and traction are happening in our area!" And the desert has cooled down! The snakes are slow and the tortoise' and the toads are hibernating!....They do hibernate dont they? :):D

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