Aussie 06 WR450 Free Mods


What are all the free mods just to check that I have got it right:confused:

1) Grey Wire

2) cut throttle block

3) Remove exhaust tip

4) open air box

5) re jet 48pj 168mj

For a Australian delivered 06 WR450

As I got to fix up my mates WR 450 this weekend

PS: any riders from Melbourne that ride West Wombats, Ballarat ect


As far as I'm aware, the Ozzie/NZ model WRs don't have all the restrictions of the US ones. It should already have the YZ size throttle stop and no grey wire. You may have to open the air box and remove the exhaust tip, although on the non-US model WRs, I think the tip is welded in place, so you may have to cut it out, or just get a new pipe. After that re-jetting will definitely be necessary, your quoted numbers sound about right, but I would recommend the JD Jetting Kit, comes with 2 needles and a range of main jets to get the jetting just right, definitely made jetting my 426 a lot easier :prof:.

Good luck.


Thanks I thought it would'nt be as bunged up as a US model. We all ready removed the exhaust tip. We just got to fix up the air box and re jet then. It would be good to know what jetting other OZ 06 WR 450 owners are running including needle. Thanks


Well for what it's worth, I ride at sea level and have a 175 main jet, 45 pilot with the fuel screw about 2 turns out. Last time I pulled the plug it was a little black, suggesting it's been running a bit rich so maybe a 172 or 170 main would be better. Remember the higher the altitude, the leaner you need to jet. Have you had a look at the WR400/426/450 Jetting Database? Might give you a good indication of where to start.

my nz 06 needed all the stuff done

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