'02 wr426 power up kit

I ordered brand new 2002 wr426f and they asked me is I want a +6HP power up kit... does anyone know what exactly this kit includes, as I cannot find any info on the www and the dealer does not know exactly. He only said it includes whole new wiring, new brake parts ...



Sounds like they are selling something that should be free, if you are prepared to put in some labour.

Estimates for the airbox lid, YZ timimg and any baffles would be at least 6HP. Unless you get a specific answer as to what you get, don't buy the Bullshout...

BTW, brake parts have nothing to do with either gross or net horsepower...

I reckon that you are getting the European model, so the Throttle stop or grey wire mods will not apply.

Airbox and cam timing - do it yourself in an afternoon.



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