Iron Butt on a XRR?

Iron Butt on a XRR?

Anyone here completed an Iron Butt on an XRR?:prof:

Just thinking stupid thoughts...

like the baja 1000?

I think if I remember an "iron butt" is 1500 miles? some baja 1000s are 1500 miles. the year 2000 baja was over 2000 miles long but I don't know if anyone ironmanned it.

1000 miles in 24 hours.

1000 miles in 24 hours.

ug....that sounds pretty horrific.

I rode my 2006 XR650R from Dallas, Texas to St. George, UT in September 2006. The trip is around 1300 miles each way and took me about 2.5 days to do. It was hard!!!!!!!! Talk about pain and boredom!!! I did it out of necessity, not really fun.

Oh yeah, I was running 15X45 gearing, dunlop 606 tires ( :bonk::prof::confused: ) and a Baja Designs headlight (absolutely no wind protection).

That sounds painful. I used to average 300+ miles a day on a motorcycle at one of my old jobs.

Good golly! Only a masochist would want to attempt that with the stock seat and lack of wind protection.

There would have to be some intensive seat modification involved.

However I'm sure it can be done. I personally rode a first generation KLR from Los Angeles to Lima by way of the Pan American Highway with air transport over the darian gap and Colombia. It just had the stock seat and I don't remember any issues or problems with comfort.

It can be done, but you need one of those iron butts. Mine isn't. Don't think that I've done more than 300 miles in a day on my XR600. I have done up to 500 on my no wind screen CM400 and and I was toast. One thousand on a 650R, I'll let someone else do that one.

Better get a really big tank. It's going to take 8 or 9 gas stops with the stocker.

I'm planning to, as part of a charity do in the UK, ,on my 2005 650R.

I'm planning to have a 24l tank on, and my spare wheels are wearing deathwing tyres, better for the roads than D908s!

I've got a twin headlamp mini fairing that hopefully will have a sreen mounted on top, and may try changes to rear sprocket/chain, thinking 15 (f) 42 ® or there abouts.

Due to time constraints, I need to ride up to JoG on the friday eve, do the trip "all" day Saturday, and ride home sunday, so I'm going for the 1500 miles in 36 hours challenge. 4pm Fri, to 4am Sun.

I've a sheepskin and some old karrimat for a seat pad (Stock is to thin even for me!) and a sleeping bag/bivy bag set up for the 36 hour mark!

Should be a laugh, it's for charity anyway.

:prof: .

I was thinking the 6.3 gallon plus the 3.7 gallon under seat Acerbis tanks?:prof:

Still trying to hear from someone who has run the Acerbis under seat tank. Picture of installed tank would be a plus.

I have done seveal IBA certified rides plus several endurance rallies but all on sport touring and touring motorcycles. On the right motorcycle these runs are lots of fun even though difficult. There are so many excellent used motorcycles that are appropriate for these types of rides at a very good price. So IMO don't wear out a great dual sport bike trying to do something it was never designed for. The cost to rebuild your DS bike could cost more than depreciation loss on appropriate bike. So how about a ST1100, or Concours, or VFR750/800. Buy smart, ride for one year, and not loose a dime on sale.

I think if a little dirt was on the program then something like a KLR650 liquid cooled shim adjuster would be more appropriate than your 650R. For 1000 miles in 24 hours you will not have much time for dirt unless you are team Honda.

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