My back problem is forcing me to stop riding

Bad back is forcing me to stop riding.:prof:

Time for surgery. That would suck, I know what your going threw but I only sat out one year for back issues.

Get a set of 17" wheels and SM it. (slowly)

j/k. How trashed is your back? will surgery help? After surgery will you be able to ride? If so than keep the bike.

It is beautiful and you need to get on it again!

I so than keep the bike.

I gave up trying to figure that one out.

anyway, that sucks about your back, I know when I broke my collar bone the thing I hated most was not being able to snowboard for the rest of the season. I couldn't imagine a back problem... Good luck and I hope everything works out. :prof:

Tell me where you live, and me and my boy will come and ride it for you.

Video tape it, and then you buy some beer and we will review the tape.:prof: ?:confused:? :bonk: ?

Had two disk fused. Sold the street bike cause the bumps/train tracks hurt too bad.

Now I am back onthe BRP and Banshees

Sorry to hear about that. How bad is it??? Being a bit of a senior myself, and wakeing up each morning with a few new pains ya didn't have the day before, I can relate to that a bit. Riding has allways been such great therapy for me. But if yours are serious back problems, I feel for ya brother. Hope there is a better ending for this story somewhere in your future. Good luck.


All of my health problems went away after loosing the beer belly. It is amazing what just 25lbs will do for your health. If your not fat then look at acupuncture or massage therapy. My dad had back surgery and it took 3-4 years for him to get back to bike(pedal) racing.

I had a two month old KTM 2 stroke sitting in my garage for over a year while my knee recovered from nasty get off and surgery. Big mistake because value of bike fell through floor while never being ridden. So I held onto bike until I was ready to ride and then sold at very big hit. You can always replace the bike for a better one.

what back problem is it?

I was repeatedly getting bruising & inflammation between lower back vertebrae, I did a combination of stuff thats made it better. It almost made me stop riding in dirt. Standing on the pegs was really painful.

If you have something similar I can tell you what I did. Just common sense stuff.

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