Don't Really Know Where To Post This...

Is there anything special about a 1971 Yamaha 400 Enduro? I would have ridden one today but the gas hose was leaking:( Um, anything I should know before I hop on it? MAY go ride it next weekend or in about another month or so...



You might want to ask over in the vintage bike forum, or in the 2t forum.

In 1971, they were 360s, not 400s. Black tank with a red stripe, non-reed valved piston-port motor. The motor was about as bullerproof as they come. Good, smooth power by the standards of the day if it was properly tuned and timed. The suspension in stock form was bad. Not horrible by the standards of the day, just bad. Underdamped shocks and flexy forks. If you are going thru the woops, the back end tended to start to swap without warning...this behavior, on all of the Yamaha Enduros and MXers of the day earned the nickname "Yama-Hop". If I had a nickle for every time my CT-1 (175) or my dad's DT-1 (250) spit me off that way, I could have retired long ago.

Seriously, it's a very cool bike if you remember what it is...a 35 year old dirt bike from the beginnings of the first serious dirt bike revolution. Great vintage project as parts are readily available, and upgrades are easy. I've been looking for a basket case RT-1 or DT-1 for a while here in Cali for a project bike...

Hmmm... he told me it was a '71 I believe, it's a four-stroke though.

hhhmmm...a 4 stroke? Maybe an '81? int he 70's all the Yami's were pingers, except for a street bike or two...I think they had a 650 twin thumper and a 250 single thumper that were street bikes...

Yamaha had the 650 twin (Semi clone of a Triumph) and the 750 twin 4S, all the rest were 2S in the early 70's.

Must have been an '80s then, sorry. Were they fast!?

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