XR650R, 400R or WR?

All right, now we're talking. I thought nobody cared. :)

Way to stir it up! Let's get some smack talkin'! Long Live The Pig! By the way, I think think that the XR650R is one on the best overall handling bikes I have ever ridden. She may be girthy, but she dances just fine! :)

WR450 soon???

Now that's going to be a sweet bike! I can't wait to try one out and hope it's a leap forward over the CRF450. Then Honda (CRF450X) will have to step up to the plate to try and stay even or one-up Yamaha and the end result from the competition is better bikes for us :)

A friend has a CRF450 that he dualsported. Very cool bike. Honda needs to speed up R&D so guys like me don't jump ship. Honda practically invented fourstrokes, and yet they choose to take a backseat to Yamaha. Why???

I think Honda is smart and doesn't want you on their ship. :) Besides - Honda likes to lay back and let the competition do their marketing research for them, Yamaha invented the category, Honda waited to see if it was going to work, then developed the 450F. What Yamaha did is take their balls from their purse and gamble big time. They swung hard and hit the ball out of the park. I give them a lot of credit for that, they have wiffed on bikes in the past. One can only imagine the cost when a company developes

a new category of motorcycle, (or attempts to), and it just lays there and stinks!

Good points Dutch. I must add this. Honda has been using the "wait and see" method of marketing for way too long. Yamaha has dominated the fourstroke market since '98. It could be 2005 before Honda builds a 450X. What are they thinking?

The market is there for Yamaha and to a significant extent, KTM. KTM has become a major player because of the lack of competition.

Maybe Honda just wants to build playbikes. Thats cool. Someone has to build FOO-FOO bikes. :)

Honda just wants to be a successful corporation. They hire the best people, have the best facilities, and very carefully build products,(be it cars, lawnmowers, or bikes).

Unfortunately for us consumers the end result usually reflects the soul of the corporation, be careful, don't take too many risk. Corporations like Yamaha and Suzuki have to take risks to stay in this game. They attract the engineers and designers that appreciate the opportunity to strut their stuff, be creative, to see their ideas created in metal, plastic and rubber come to life without being diluted by the corporation.

Look how long it took them to Mutate The Pig! :)

One of the features about the BRP that I find most enduring is the process in which it was created. The skills of countless desert racers, Scott Summers and all the other woods boys that took a large play bike and molded it into what we are having so much fun with. So many times this motorcycle has saved my butt and allowed me to look the part. We have those racers to thank and Honda for having the wisdom to listen and learn.

Just imagine how good it would be minus 40lbs and with modern suspension... :) You would look like a PRO. :D

Just imagine how good it would be minus 40lbs and with modern suspension

Come one now....let's not stop at minus 40lbs. I vote for minus 60lbs :)

It doesn't take much to get the XR650R suspension working super well (new springs to match your riding weight, proper sag, correct amount of a good oil, and a good valve stack to meet your riding needs). It's a whole new back afterwards :D

That's not fat buddy - she has large bones,(don't be dissin' my Betty!). :):D

This is fascinating! How come when I had my beat up old 90 XR600 I never got passed by one of those YZ/WR 4whatevers? I passed alot of them.I've seen a lot of 'em layin' on their side with the clutch cover off.I've seen 'em get big air on the track,but I never got passed on whoops in the desert whith a pack of em on my tail The point I'm trying to make is I know a guy on a Suzi 250 I'll never be able to catch anywhere anytime! It's 90% rider in my book of rules the rest is just what you want to ride and where the rest is just B.S...Like Ford or Chevy,Redhead or blond.I went and got a putt putt LC4 this year!So I'll see Ya out there and try to get you to race me for fun!LET's GO!

Now we are on to something! Redhead or blond - I can't believe they talk about Ford's on this site, if we have to get off topic -

I'm thinking brunette. Maybe with blue eyes and an olive complexion... Oh, and she rides a Husqvarna two stroke...

And drives a Duramax with the Allison and 3.73 rear end.

I prefer a redhead who knows how to handle the stick shift :)

Don't forget the plastic sheets, emotion lotion and the trained Gila Monster! AH-HEH! :)

This is so much more interesting that Ford diesels :)

I've lived a sheltered life. Whats a Gila Monster??? Is it some kind of Ducati?

That's what she said! :)

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