turning a xr650r to a supermoto!

I had a few questions about the sprockets on the xr650r i was wondering if thay need to be changed to compensate the road riding if you have any info to this i would appriseate the help thanks!

Are you gonig to be running 17's? Or just getting more street friendly tires on the stock rims? If you change the wheel size, you will have to change the gears. On which size to goto, thats up to your riding style.

i got michilen bt-45 tires and there the stock size 18 back and 21 front and i dint know if i needed to change the sprockets or not

i dint know if i needed to change the sprockets or not

It's really preference man. You really haven't provided us with any information... like, is the bike fully stock? or did you buy it from a dude who installed 13 X 52 sprockets.

How far do you plan on riding each time you throw a leg over this thing?

If its any help, I've found 15X45 to be a pretty good setup for road riding...it even works for fairly aggressive off-road work (but will require a bit of clutch work to modulate the power).

well i boughtthis bike brandnew in 2003 so the sprokets are stock also

You want at least 15-45 , that is about as high as you can commonly find but for a street tard you want even higher gearing. The XRR will pull very high gears. Go to http://www.supermotojunkie.com and check it out.

thanks for the help

you can run as tall as 15 40 I am going to try 15 42 the next time around. you can always swap the front sprocket smaller if its too tall. every three teeth rear is aprox one on the front

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