Please name the best XRR replacement wheel assemblies

New to XRR

What is the best combination of rim, spoke, hub front and rear for the XRR?

I would like to stick with straight silver.

Where is the best place to buy them?

Does 25 psi in front and 18 psi rear, work the best on knobbies?

Thank you,


Stock is good for me and 15lbs. on the air pressure. 25 in the front otta make it bust loose easy.

Hi, welcome to pigdom :prof:

I don't think that there are any wheelsets which are known to stand way above the rest. The stock stuff is pretty good, and Excel rims are well-regarded. My motard wheelset came from the TT store and is built with Rad Mfg hubs and spokes and Excel rims. I got alu nipples, but I think I'd rather have steel...

That sounds like very high pressure for knobs, but experiment to see what works for you.

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