Help with electric starter

Hey there

Took apart the starter motor on my 03 WR, cleaned up the brushes, etc. put it back together and when I hit the starter the motor spins but doesn't seem to engage the engine.

Are the gears misplaced on the left side of the bike?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


I'm guessing that the button quit starting the bike, and that's why you took it apart. If this is the case, it sounds like your starter clutch died. The starter motor spins, but the engine doesn't turn over. The starter clutch is bolted to the backside of the flywheel (rotor). Is the '04 starter upgrade done to your bike? If not, great time to do it. The manual explains how to change out the starter clutch very well, but you do need a tool to remove the flywheel (rotor).



Thanks for the info. When you say it "died" what does that mean?

If I look at it what should I see?



The starter clutch is designed to spin freely when the motor is running (stay disengaged). But, when the motor is stopped and the magic button is pressed, the starter motor engages the engine (via the starter clutch) to turn over, until the engine speed is faster than the starter motor, and the starter clutch then spins freely again. It probably won't look any different than a good one other than the spring that hold the rollers in place.

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