Sag !

I been out every so often between snow flakes the last couple days practicing wheelies on the 07 WR450 been loving this bike the more I ride, hit the hills a few times but havent done anything to the suspension thinking it feels fine. Me being 6'1" 190 after dinner that is, I didnt feel it needed any adjustments but to my amazment tonight I adjusted the sag and what a diffrence in the ability to pick the front end up, now I am not a master at all at doing wheel stands Im still just learning but adjusting the sag made it alot easier to jump the front end over the puddles out in front of my house. Just some info for the people that think it does'nt need fiddling with, I say fiddle away and enjoy !!

I'm about the same weight and curious as to what you set the sag at???

Yes--- A properly set up bike can make you or Break you, you really need to try alot of different set ups to find what works best for you, believe me, it took me some time to figure it all out, start with the suspension or steering

good luck


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